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Know About Green Education

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Green Education is a term used to describe education systems that incorporate environmentally conscious programs and practices into the curriculum. Although many schools have incorporated green initiatives into their curricula, it is still a developing field.

The Green School Program, which originated in 2001, is an example of how schools can teach students about environmental issues. The program serves as a model for schools that want to incorporate sustainability into their curriculum. The program provides resources, training and support for K-12 schools that want to teach students about environmental issues. Schools that participate in the program use an eco-logical approach for teaching science, math and social studies. Schools also receive funding from grants and other sources for implementing green initiatives.

Green Schools International was founded by Robert Wager in 2005 with the mission of helping schools become more environmentally friendly through education programs such as Green Schools USA, which provides information on sustainable practices and how they can be implemented in schools around the world.

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