World Water Day Celebration


Today 22 March 2022, GREEN AND BETTER WORLD in partnership with EXTINCTION REBELLION CAMEROON celebrated the WORLD WATER DAY here in Limbe CAMEROON, the new name of our action is DECOLONIZE ALL WATER SOURCE, with the THEME “GROUNDWATER” “MAKING THE INVISIBLE VISIBLE FOR HUMANITY AND NATURE” #waterislife2022 #AguaEsVida2022 #leauEstLaVie20200. The team decided to visit two secondary schools and thoroughly went through the various classes sensitizing them on the causes and symptoms of Cholera as it has become so severe in CAMEROON with somany death cases and people rushing to the hospital. we highlighted some first AID measures needed when found with a person suffering from the disease. We also gave out possible ways to treat water before drinking and some preventive traditional methods needed to fight against the pandemic. We had a great time chatting with both teachers and students of these school. We plead on International Communities to help us fight in the eradication of this deadly disease.